Latina Scat Wife
Using a small bathroom slave after work
Using a small bathroom slave after work

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This time, my bathroom slave was a beautiful doll. I got home and sat on the silent couch and started to let go of all the farts I had saved because I was at work, so I started to let go and started to sweat, feeling like I was about to drop my chocolate, when I came across the doll on the floor in the corridor of my apartment and I decided to make fun of him, I bent down and laughing I started farting in her face, I took her to the room and put it inside my pink hippo (potty), and I continued to make the doll I felt my fart , I even felt that something was going to come out, I put my ass on top of the doll and threw a beautiful chocolate on top of it and inside the potty. A beautiful woman in her intimate moment, playing with her doll. Video solo.