Latina Scat Wife
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Submission training complete

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Mike came home and went to the bedroom to look for me, when he opened the door he found the real Aphrodite, the deuza of men, just waiting for me to seduce and use him, Mike arrived in the room and couldn't help feeling the soft skin of his Goddess, and slowly he passed his hand and admired every detail of my body, after having appreciated my beautiful body, it was time to use it as my butt pillow, sitting on his face without releasing the air, Mike struggled trying to get out from under I threw the weight off my body and held it every time he tried to run away from me, like an angry bull trying to take down whoever is on him, and even with this torture I saw how much he was enjoying, very horny with the situation that it was under me, this is the result I wanted to have with him testing his resistance, it makes me realize that I can already demand more of him. With all the movement, the gases started to move inside me in search of a way out, I took advantage of the impulse to release it in my slave's mouth, with each fart I caught Mike in my ass, in a game of smelly gases and pressure from an ass on my face, I got good results, I want more strength with him every time, see what limits he can reach, holding all my farts, all my weight on him, and my ass on my slave's face.