Latina Scat Wife
Smashing poop in Mike's face
Smashing poop in Mike's face

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Since I am not the one who controls my intestines and yes, he has a will of his own, since he was going to get ready when he wanted to, he immediately called my slave from the bathroom to receive my load, I sent him to the floor, I crouched down and released my load, I checked if there was anything else to leave and I got up, and look how beautiful my coconut is, imagine the taste and temperature of it, it was really perfect for my human bathroom to feel spreading in your face with my ass, when I I immediately sat his dick very, very hard, I sat more in his face while my ass was smeared, I love facesitting, I love to hear the noise of my content coming out of my ass, I love the noise when I sit and I feel the temperature of my so hot shit, Mike didn't eat anymore because we were late for the event, but then he regretted not having eaten anymore, because it was delicious.