Latina Scat Wife
Once upon a time there was a butt doormat POV
Once upon a time there was a butt doormat POV

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POV version, POV version, POV version, POV version, POV version. POV version. POV version Do you like stories? So this is a story that will please you a lot. you who are a submissive. One fine day Mistress Nadja woke up upset and in a bad mood, and the first one to talk to her was her submissive Mike, so came the idea of Nadja using her slave to make her happy. She immediately took Mike and did the same kneel at the foot of the bed, she put on very short shorts and lay on the bed with her huge ass facing upwards, then she ordered Mike to smell her stinking ass, because the smell of her ass and strong, Mike without hesitation was already sticking his nose in Nadja's ass. After a while Mike sniffing her ass, Nadja started to release farts too stinky for Mike to smell everything, he was sniffing until his nose started to burn, but he didn't stop for a moment to smell her farts and lick her beautiful ass. Nadja dominated Mike her mood improved and she started to smile, Mike loves to see his goddess in a good mood, and does everything to please her, in the end Nadja was already satisfied and all sweaty, made Mike smell her stinky armpit and thus released him from his subjection.