Latina Scat Wife
Nadja using human toilet
Nadja using human toilet

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I never imagined that I would be shitting on someone one day, but Mike and Bianc introduced me to this world and I accepted the invitation, and I liked it. I feel powerful when there's a man begging underneath me to shit in his face and mouth, I'm finally treating a man right. Today I called Mike and he came without imagining what it was. I put some very short blue shorts and started to sit on his face, cutting off his air for a few moments, I started to feel a great desire to fart and I took advantage of being there and started to release very stinky farts, so when I released one of these farts I ended up dirtying the shorts, I got up and took off my shorts and continued to sit on Mike's face. After a while I felt a huge urge to shit and so I did, I started pouring my cocholate on Mike and he, like a good slave, received everything. When I finished shitting I sat on Mike's face with my huge ass spreading all my load on my ass and Mike's face, what a wonderful feeling. When I thought it was over, I felt the urge to take a shit again and so I took a little more and continued to sit until I felt that Mike had already tasted my shit.