Latina Scat Wife
Nadja farting hard in Bianc's face
Nadja farting hard in Bianc's face

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This time it was the great Bianc who submitted, receiving Nadja's stinking farts. Bianca looked at Nadja with her little shorts and could n't resist and buried her face in her delicious ass, a soft and big ass for Bianca to taste. But while bianc was smelling nadja's ass, there was a huge desire to fart, so she let out the first fart, and it was very hot, starting a game between them, Nadja releasing several farts in bianc's face and having to smell all the farts , and it happened that day it was much stinkier than the other days. Nadja told bianc to open her mouth to feel his farts in her mouth, bianc never made so many faces like that day, we couldn't take it anymore and we laughed, it was incredible, and in the end nadja got bianc to suck her huge pussy. come check out this wonderful video of these two naughty ones.