Latina Scat Wife
Mixture of odors
Mixture of odors

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Remember the video "Boquete no Mike enjoys in the woods" ?, In the description at the end I said: "Little does Mike know that he will have to smell it at the end of the day, my stinky hair, a mixture of sperm, sweat and the smell of pussy ", you can consider a continuation because it was done on the same day at different times, this one was done more than 00:00, you can see that I have the same shorts and panties. Imagine the smell it was, just pull to show my hair I can smell it rising, when I take off my panties I see that my hair is wrinkled and stiff because of Mike's milk. I live in the coastal area and we are in summer, I spent all day cleaning the house, sweating, without taking a shower and with cum in my panties, now I can imagine the smell. I sat on Mike's face and made him smell the smells of my hairy pussy, pinning and holding his head in my pussy, placing Mike to suck my pussy. I know that Mike's greatest pleasure is to smell my natural perfume, so I went back to sit on his face and fart and choke on my ass since he loves to serve me so much, I want him more and more submissive to me. This time, Mike really had to smell all my odors, including my hairy armpits, in the end Mike couldn't even distinguish all the odors that turned into a mixture in his nose and mouth. And again, another accident happened, I like it when it happens, Mike is very excited about the accidents, he makes me see that I have the best object of all to use.