Latina Scat Wife
Marking my territory
Marking my territory

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My new filming, camera and lighting equipment arrived, now my content will be of high quality, everything for my dear slaves to see the best, I want you to have the feeling of being present, and for you a high quality content, and look, this video was magnificent, look at the gif and draw your conclusions. I was very discouraged to record similar videos, so the idea came to me, and it was wonderful, I made my slave suck me, and with a contraction in my belly, I gave birth to a beautiful pasty coconut, perfect for fun, my slave and I were so excited seeing my beautiful shit that we act in the most natural and wild way, hitting a really dirty shit on my slave, it just made me want to suck him, and as he was hungry, I put a piece in his mouth while sucking his dick , he chewed and swallowed my perfect shit, a few days ago I changed my diet, I'm eating a lot of fruits and vegetables, so you can already imagine how delicious and nutritious this meal was.