Latina Scat Wife
Many farts and a small accident angle 2 (uncensored)
Many farts and a small accident angle 2 (uncensored)

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That day was perfect, when I saw this clip I shivered, I was tidying up the sofa so I could lie down and relax, I lay down and it wasn't long before Mike arrived, started to smell me, pull my hair with his mouth, and stick his face in my hairy pussy, it made me crazy with lust, so I decided to give him what he wanted, I put myself on all fours and pulled Mike's head against my sweaty ass, but so that he could get what he wanted so badly, I had him massage my feet with cream. When I was satisfied, I lay on my stomach and Mike came straight to my ass, relaxed my ass and started to let go of my farts and Mike was sniffing and eating them all, pulling his head so as not to let any farts escape his nose and mouth, Mike couldn't take it and tore off my shorts and came all excited already sticking his tongue in my ass and sucking my ass, always changing positions so that the gases come out, and with each gas, with different noises, different vibrations, short and long farts, I was very happy and having fun with a lot of farts, I couldn't even count how many there were, Mike received them all. Already with me on top of Mike, when I got up for him to catch his breath, he released my gases, making it mandatory to smell everything, Mike fought under me, trying to get me off him, and a moment of despair tore my shirt, but he can't avoid my sitting and farts. After so many farts my ass got wider, there was a moment when I was jumping in Mike's face and I went to let go more farts until a small accident happened, that by the noise you can know what happened, until I was surprised, laugh very. In the end I put my hairy pussy and rubbed it in Mike's face and then I masturbated until I farted and cum in his face. This clip contains only one angle. (Angle2)