Latina Scat Wife
having fun with the bathroom slave
having fun with the bathroom slave

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It was the day of using my human bathroom, and when I arrived from the market I was ready to be used, I arrived and went in already with pain in my stomach wanting to shit, I already sat down lowering my shorts, but my poop got a little stuck at the exit with a shove he started to leave, giving me such good shivers, I felt my shit slide down the rectum and fall into the toilet. I put what had fallen off Mike's face, and I felt a great urge to make dirt, I sat it spreading all over Mike's face, the sensation of the coconut spreading between my ass and Mike's face and fascinating, made him suck my ass and pussy all wet with shit, dissatisfied I took off his mask and spread it on his face, beard and hair. I lift Mike up so you can see the result better and continue to sit and rub more. This game was perfect, the end result was more than 1 hour of bath to remove almost all residues. That's why Mike uses mascara, not out of shame, but because of the difficulty of cleaning because he has a beard and big hair. More is there for you to try this amazing content.