Latina Scat Wife
Front suspended meal
Front suspended meal

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There are days when I get inspired, and today I decided that I would shit with Mike under me and me in the hanging chair, so that's when it all started. Mike already waiting for his meal to fall into his mouth, with a fart to warn that it was coming, I started to expel my load of shit in his mouth, it was filling up with a lot of smelly shit. I got up from the chair and looked at my work of art, you can admire it because it is very beautiful. So, after I enjoyed and showed my art, it was time to have fun with Mike, I felt that pile shatter on Mike's face when I saw him getting harder and harder, I was very excited to smell it and feel it spread by my ass I rubbed myself in Mike's face. I shook my ass, shaking like the ocean waves on Mike's face, turned around to expose my hairy pussy and continued to rub and spread my poop, because I know it's one of the things Mike likes, I turned on the shore again and continued again shaking my ass in Mike's face. Soon after, I received a skin treatment on my ass, Mike was spreading the shit giving color to my fair skin.