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Fart Fraternity: Where the guys always lose
Fart Fraternity: Where the guys always lose

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Annually every year the top ranking sorority has a Co-Ed face off with the head Frat. A highly revered and competitive water pong competition. 3 years ago we BEAT THEM! And every year since all of us have gotten sick on the day of the tournament? Sure enough the same thing happened again this year. It started out fine, we were winning. Then all you could smell was ass. Every girl in the fraternity became bloated and lined up for the toilet, liquid gas explosions in our panties left and right and we had to forfeit out of pure embarrassment!! We didn't really think anything of it until Holly's boyfriend who's part of their frat got Tipsy one night and "spilled the beans" to her on what they've been doing. They've been sneaking in our sorority on the night before the tournament and pouring laxatives in any drink they could find!! Fucking assholes!! These cheaters are going to fucking pay. Being the leader of my fraternity it was my responsibility to get revenge.. So I sent a letter to the head "frat boy" .. "Surrender the boy who's been poisoning our food with this ridiculous "sh!tfuel" to our sorority for punishment, or you'll be reported to the dean for cheating and permanently disqualified from ANY sorority events or competitions from here on out. Furthermore, every month on this day you will submit one of your members for punishment until your entire fraternity has felt our justice." .. Sure enough at the stroke of midnight we looked outside to find the brown bandit bound and at our mercy, and it just so happens to be Caleb! Who better to serve the punishment than me, the leader right? The princess and master of hazing. The secret sadomist who routinely humiliates and pegs any guy who thinks he can easily get in her pants. Unluckily for him, I was on the other end of all his ex girlfriends gossip. She always complained that he would never go down on girl or 69, because he hated the smell of ass that badly. So how about he spends the rest of the night with his face wedged in mine? I lead the blind slave boy upstairs without saying a word. I remove his gag and stuff his mouth with my filthy fart and now ruined G-string from today's competition