Latina Scat Wife
Facesitting with a smelly ass and piss
Facesitting with a smelly ass and piss

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My air conditioning broke and today it was very hot despite the night, and I had been without a bath for a long time, my smell was very strong mainly my armpits, ass and pussy, the smell was burning my nose, the way my piggy loves it. I started to sit in Mike's face with my stinky ass, and the heat started to rise and my smell got stronger, and the only thing Mike could do was accept and smell, with very stinky farts, a real mixture of odors , Mike wasn't enough to smell my ass, pussy and farts, he had to smell and lick my smelly armpits I was all wet with sweat, my clothes were wet and very smelly, really today Mike had to endure a lot of smells, a green mix of odors, it made me want to pee, so I wet my pants while I was sitting on Mike in the fabric soaked in Mike's nose made it difficult for him to breathe so he had to suck everything with his mouth, a few minutes later I was already without pants pressing my pussy against Mike's face, and then I started to pee in his face it was a lot of fun to see his despair while my pee was wetting his face, eyes, nose and mouth, I had a lot of fun, mike's eyes got red and burning because of the pee and his face was all wet, he couldn't do anything he was trapped, it was very sexy and wicked