Latina Scat Wife
Complete toilet slave
Complete toilet slave

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When I feel like going to the bathroom, I think of Mike instantly, it's so common that he's always under me, but the day will come when he'll get used to it all the time, all the time even to pee, shit or whatever . I want to, I love having a private bathroom, today I woke up very tight, I wasn't going to be able to hold my shit for long, I woke up Mike, he jumped out of bed, and I didn't even have time to prepare to record, I was too tight even to use the bathroom , there was no time because my coconut was already at the door to leave, I put Mike's collar on, I sat him on the floor and I positioned myself with my ass in my face, in a matter of time a creamy shit came right in the mouth and face, he was hungry, he had just woken up and he was fasting, he was hungry, I took a spoon to keep my hands clean, and he ate everything again, the other day, he ate everything, Mike feels fulfilled now that he can satisfy his owner, and every time he does, he spends the day thanking me for the meal, that yes he is a complete slave. We are not just any store, Mike and I do this for pleasure, we do not pretend when we are recording, so we want to deliver the best content, with high quality, great lighting and the fact that he eats everything is very good, because we are doing it for pleasure, so when watching my content, know that there is a lot of excitement in the environment, nothing was staged, something else, whenever we finish a content we have sex, and if you are wondering if we have sex every day, the answer yes, in the way more crazy, the scat only increases our fire.