Latina Scat Wife
Bianca's submission with her dominator
Bianca's submission with her dominator

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Mike has been waiting for this moment for some time now, dominating Bianc must be the dream of many dominating ones. And with a request for custom videos, Bianc agreed to be his submissive, she did everything Mike ordered right. I arrived in the living room and saw Bianc fiddling with her cell phone, and I told her I wanted to fuck and she denied me so I had to put her in her place, to know who's in charge, so she had to do what I I wanted to start with my ass, I ordered him to lick and sniff and stick his tongue deep in my ass, I sat on his face holding my breath. The most interesting thing is that she was actually very submissive, she looked like a submissive bitch wanting to be used, she received a lot of slaps and spits and every time I did that she looked at me with more bitch face. And my fun continued, I was in the mood to pee, so I made her crouch down in front of me and open her mouth, I pissed in her mouth, face, hair and breasts, like a waterfall, she even gargled with my pee, and in the end she received my sperm in her mouth and face.