Latina Scat Wife
Bianc riding his angry bull complete
Bianc riding his angry bull complete

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Full clip with angle 1 + angle 2 Angulo1: wide image angle 2: close image Hiding his face is no longer a problem for Mike, he no longer cares about himself, he only cares about satisfying and satisfying all my desires and whims, I love using him like a horse, he is my pillow with my ass and my bathroom, I spill all my remains on him, and he goes crazy when he breathes my farts, he doesn't need oxygen, the air he needs comes right out of my anus, I sit on his face and put the weight of mine his body is out of breath, but the lack of oxygen is not the main problem, he moves a lot, and between one slit and another he can pull a little air, but his biggest burden is the weight of my body that he feels everything under his face and chest, the pressure on his face is great, he feels increasingly small and impotent, he is strong and difficult to control it is as if I were riding a brave bull, I have to balance my body so I don't fall and at the same time use all my strength to overcome him, he feels every time more desperate, tired and without energy to fight, with each seat I give him, he wears it more and more, and can do nothing but smell my hairy bush and breathe deeply my hot farts