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Latina Scat Wife - News
Written on 15.06.2021 at 14:45 by Latina Scat Wife - News

Hello my dears, I'm here with very important news if you are my fan.

my first videos that i recorded without mask at the beginning of my career will be posted at, only there you will have access to my relics, so if you want to see these relics, you will have to subscribe to my scatbook.

Latina Scat Wife - News
Written on 29.03.2021 at 03:20 by Latina Scat Wife - News

My twitter account was suspended, making it impossible for me to do the marketing of my stores and it has hurt me a lot.

I created a new account more today 03/28/2021 was suspended too. For my fans who are willing to help me by tweeting my videos here on the site. Or if you have another suggestion for this in some way helping me, I appreciate it.

Latina Scat Wife - News
Written on 19.02.2021 at 15:27 by Latina Scat Wife - News

Now I'm giving you another chance to be giving me something, here is the link to my amazon list with the things I need.

Latina Scat Wife - News
Written on 07.12.2020 at 17:47 by Latina Scat Wife - News

Site promotions.


When you buy 3 clips, you get 1 more free clip.

Just buy the 3 clips and send me a message stating what the courtesy video will be.

rule: For this promotion, the courtesy clip cannot have the highest value.

If you buy six videos, you get two and if you buy more clips, you get more free videos.

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Another very good news for you. This month the whole site will have a discount, all the clips are discounted for you, come and buy several clips, for you to masturbate a lot thinking about me.


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Now I have a request for you, I would like to receive tips from clips, I am open to suggestions, and if you send me the script there is a chance that you will find the clip and be able to buy it at a good value, anyway, you can send me message or email, i will reply as soon as possible.




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Latina Scat Wife - News
Written on 29.09.2020 at 16:12 by Latina Scat Wife - News

Since when I started working with videos, I always made investments to be improving the quality of my content to bring the greatest clarity and quality possible, so your experience with me will always be very good, and with that, I was able to buy my first semi professional camera and lighting, I can now guarantee that my content will be of high quality. Anyway, I am happy with this step, and you contributed to this growth, buying my content, thanks to everyone who bought and continue to buy, and you can be sure that the more you buy, the more my content gets better.

Now and just enjoy.