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Written on 11.03.2022 at 13:46 by Latina Scat Wife - News

New Front Feed video


15 minutes of video, no masks, feces ingestion, 3 incredible camera angles


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Latina Scat Wife - News
Written on 25.02.2022 at 14:46 by Latina Scat Wife - News

Hello my dears

today 02/25/2022 is my birthday I'm turning 27, and for 4 years I've shared my most intimate moments with you, so let's celebrate together, whoever buys 3 videos today send me a direct message or an email to.... .and I'll give you 1 more video for free

Latina Scat Wife - News
Written on 28.12.2021 at 13:22 by Latina Scat Wife - News

Please pay attention  .... My name is Mike and I’m the male part of BiancAndMike. 


Unfortunately I have to inform you that my wife Bianc is at the hospital. For months she have been in pain and it turns that she needs a surgery to remove the vesicle.


This means, that we are unable to post, record and do marketing, so PLEASE support us by continuing to buy our content and share our posts, trying to keep the sale in our stores.


Until End January we will not be able to record any new content, and therefore it will mean a lot to have you, our fans to support us durring this difficult time.


This is our business and our only income, and we still need to take care of our son and pay our bills. We are proud people and it’s therefore extremely difficult to ask for your help, but all contributions is much appreciated, doesn’t matter the size of amount - but please send tips via our sites.


We will of course still receive requests and payments for custom videos, but delivery will be during February and beginning of March..


We would say thank you to all of you for this year and a wish you a happy New Year. We hope that 2022 will be a great year for all of you, let’s hope it will be healthy for all of us.


Thank you for all your support, especially during this difficult time.


We promise to be back in 2022 with new great stuff and surprises to all of you who supports us with a little extra.


Happy New Year

BIanc and Mike

Latina Scat Wife - News
Written on 01.11.2021 at 15:09 by Latina Scat Wife - News

Hi, have you seen the last video I posted in the store? "My human trash" is an amazing video for you who love scat, enter the store and take a look at the gif, get it now and relax.

This video will be available for the next 24 hours in the promotion. from 18.99 to 13.99. so enjoy now to purchase.

Latina Scat Wife - News
Written on 11.09.2021 at 23:11 by Latina Scat Wife - News

hello dear scat admirers, after 3 months without recording scat videos, we are back in full swing with some news, the first is that we will no longer wear masks, now everything will be poured directly into Mike's unprotected face, and I Bianc I won't wear masks anymore, so you can always see me shit and with my wonderful unmasked smile, the only places you've found our videos are here on our official website, and on our where you can watch several of our videos in full or in parts paying only a monthly subscription, another novelty is that you can now chat with me in video chats here at or on a transmission platform where we do webcam shows, just access the link below, https: //